Lentil Catering

With 2019 we welcome in a new year and a new Catering Manager to Lentil As Anything.

Welcome Emmanuel!

What were you doing before you joined Lentil As Anything and what brought you here?

"My last position was as a chef at the Sheraton Hotel Melbourne, but I have been moving away from the corporate world. I’m looking forward to giving back to the community in a more sustainable way. I guess it started about five years ago when I gave up eating meat. An elitist mindset often ignores the environmental impact and the suffering of animals. I’ve become more involved in the conscious community."

What do you hope to bring to Lentil Catering?

"I want to bring a new fresh face to the organisation. I am quite influenced by a blend of Southeast Asian, Japanese and European cuisine. What I love that Lentil does, is it brings that home-cooking feel to the food, which is something we tend to forget. Food is from the heart and not just a commercial identity."

Lentil As Anything Catering market stall.JPG