Lentil in Italy

Lentil in Italy

Over two nights in September, the committee for 'Lentil in Turin' (who are working for the opening of the first Italian Lentil As Anything) hosted a vegetarian dinner showcasing the style, flavour and philosophy of Lentil at Terra Madre, the international network of food communities 2018 Convention.

National Volunteer Week

A group of volunteers sitting around a table smiling National Volunteer Week is all about thanking the Nation’s volunteers for their generosity and all the great work that they do. Here at Lentils this gives us good reason to celebrate, as most of our staff are volunteers who give their time to keep us running. Our volunteers make what we do possible, from cooking food to serving customers and lots more. We also have so many great contributors who get involved in our events with artwork and music, just to name a few.

This week, be sure to thank the volunteers at your local Lentils.

They give their own time so that we can keep this beautiful organisation running, and are a key part of who we are. Or better yet, why not think about volunteering with Lentils? It’s an opportunity to gain new skills and meet some wonderful people, not to mention a great way to give back to the community. There’s no experience needed, and it’s easy to get started. Just come in to a store for a volunteer information session, and then move on to induction! For more info on this visit our volunteering page. And if working in one of the restaurants isn’t your thing, maybe you can get involved in another way?

This National Volunteer Week all of us at Lentil As Anything want to thank our brilliant volunteers for everything they do. Without you, this organisation and all the good that it does would not exist. We are so lucky to have such a generous group, and we look forward to welcoming many more of you soon!

Footscray Lentils Fundraising Gig

Give back Night  

After some turbulence, a close call and some soul searching, Footscray Lentils is still open and serving it's unique brand of delicious vegan food, taking influences from a variety of culinary traditions from around the world!

But our situation is still a tricky one; while the pay-as-you-feel concept is really quite a beautiful one, allowing those less fortunate to enjoy a warm meal in good company for a small contribution, it does require others who are perhaps more fortunate to contribute just a bit extra to cover the costs. As you've probably heard mentioned a bunch of times now (I know we're getting repeatative :P) we've been struggling down at ol' Footscray so we need just a little bit more help to get over the financial hurdles presented over the past few months.

Luckily we exist in a community that is laden with wonderful artists who share our belief in the good Lentils has to offer - and so we have pulled together this event. Acts kindly contributing their art are:

Erik Parker -

The Fire Cats:

Vass -

Alif Thomas Dodds

While there will be no entry fee with all food and drinks provided under the 'pay-as-you-feel' philosophy, we do ask you to remember that this is a fundraiser that hopes to demonstrate that Footscray is capable of paying its debts and has the community support it needs to keep its doors open!

Stay tuned for a different flavoured event in early May which will feature a buffet of electronic music - and a buffet of food of course!

For those of you unable to make it but still wanting to contribute, here is a link for our gofundme:

We look forward to seeing you there for some chilled afternoon vibes, warm chai and delicious food :)

- The Lentils Footscray Team

Tour of Lentil

Lentil as Anything Tour and Lunch


  • Have you wondered a bit about Lentil as Anything and how we operate?
  • Have you always meant to drop by to check it out, but haven't yet?
  • Have you visited the newest Lentil restaurant on High St in Thornbury?

Well now is your chance!

With its delicious vegan menu, yummy drinks selection, art exhibitions, live music, free book exchange, mini op shop and great events space - we have a lot going on!

And we would like to show it to you.

Tour runs the first Saturday of each month at our restaurant at 562-564 High Street, Thornbury.

The tour starts at 1pm and lasts for 30 mins, including a short video presentation on Lentil and its 17 year history in Melbourne community projects.

Followed by a delicious lunch!

RSVP by contacting us today

See you there! Tell a friend!

562 High St, Thornbury