An Amazing Act of Generosity

We want to share this beautiful letter from Jodie who responded to our call out for help after the fire in PrestonThank you Jodie - we were reduced to tears

Hello Shanaka, Katrina, Danielle, June, & Elodie

Thank you for your reply’s Shanaka & Katrina to my email which I wrote on the Lental as Anything website. I was wondering if it was going to be answered or it had gone into cyber space 

Shanaka & Katrina, when I heard about the Preston Fire on the news and read about it in the Herald Sun I told myself I need to help.

I am employed in a prison. I have worked and helped possibly many of your clientele. Many are in dire need and need people like you and your staff to help because unfortunately they either have no direction in life or are lost. They live minute by minute and it’s tough for them because apart from being addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc. etc. etc. they really have no place to go for they are judged. Sad but true. I have heard many a sad story over & over again. It’s heartbreaking. A little kindness & compassion, an ear to listen is all they need at times. 

Your restaurants provide a space where they are welcome with open arms and they can able to be a part of a community without being judged no matter what. Everyone has a journey & a story and everyone struggles at times, sometimes silently, it takes a lot to open up and to have that one person to be there just listen and possibly help in a small way means so much more, no matter what the situation is.

You are all an inspiration you Shanaka & your staff, and if more people in the world where like all of you it would be a better place. If I can help by providing a place to eat and a sense of belonging I know I have done well.

I would like to help with getting your Pop Up Restaurant happening. I have not donated this year to any organisations.

I wish to deposit into a bank account the sum of money $4500.00 for your rent. Please send me the details (Account Number, BSB, & name of the account) so I can transfer the money to you. If you can send me a receipt for tax purposes I would be truly grateful & appreciate it. I help you, you help me.

You can contact me at anytime, my home phone number is or mobile . I am a shift worker so if I do not answer the call please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.

Take care & warm regards,

Jodie xo xo