Help Save The Real Junk Food project


Help Save The Real Junk Food projects ‘Pay as you Feel’ Café


We have 53 days to raise £130,000 or we will be forced to close. This is due to the landlord wanting to sell the property.

The campaign is called ‘Save your café’ as this is very much a part of Armley community in Leeds.  #saveyourcafe.

Since December 2013 we have fed 10,000 people & stopped 20 tones of food going to landfills. We provide meals to everybody who walks through our door on a ‘Pay as you feel’ basis but the majority of our customers would go hungry if they couldn’t get access to us.

About Us

The real Junk food project is a collaborative effort between catering professionals & activists to bring about a radical change to our food system.  Since our inception we have inspired 46 other projects nationwide & support them.  The latest being the Bristol Skipchen. Our main task is to intercept perfectly edible food to create a wide range of meals as well as distributing food through our food boutique. Customers pay what they think the meal is worth in different ways including volunteering or helping with trades and skills & not just money. By operating on a pay-as-you-feel model the project ensures that everyone is welcome and anyone can be fed regardless of income.

Contact details:

Co Founder & Director: Adam Smith


Tel: 0113 318 1844


The Real Junk Food Project is a registered community interest company and are among  the NESTA Britain's 50 New Radicals 2014.

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The first UK Pay-As-You-Feel Café:

Video: Guardian video- The Real Junk Food Project Leeds