Lentil values taught in all primary schools

"Hi I hope this is Shanaka. im jessica yesterday at school we watched a video of Lentil As Anything and we had to write a few stuff about the place and then the opion my opion said:I think its amazing how Shanaka opened a great restaurant. I really enjoy how you people cared about the poor and people who can't afford food but feed them anyway. That's what some of the stuff I said.i really liked how u said "We Will Treat You Like A King" that was the best Ive heard. My whole class done it at Bennet Road Public School Sydney with our best teacher Chris Moss (Mr Moss) thanks for the best restaurant I havnet been there yet but I will come soon" -Jessica


Lentil values are being taught in all primary schools around Australia.

The teaching unit was developed as part of a federal government project to support schools to teach values education in schools. The resources were delivered free to all Australian schools in 2009.

This unit was one of a series developed around values dilemmas designed to engage students with ethical decision-making in real-life contexts. An article written about Lentils enterprise inspired them to shape this unit which asks students to consider the values that underpin businesses both not-for-profit and commercial, integrity, honesty and compassion. The feedback from schools is that this unit was very successful and challenged young students to consider their actions and the drivers that lead people such as Lentils to create charitable enterprises.

The following is the teaching unit developed by education services Australia.