Open Letter to ACF

Dear Maggie and John This is an open letter to the management and board of directors of the Abbotsford Convent Foundation Limited (ACF).

The ACF’s decision to make a public request for proposals to replace Lentil As Anything at the Abbotsford Convent is out of step with community sentiment.

Already, over 14,000 interested community members have signed petitions to keep Lentil at Abbotsford.

This raises important questions about the ACF’s governance.

1. Does the ACF have any measures to ensure that its directors are accountable to the community?

2. Does the ACF have an open membership program so that any community member can have a say in electing or removing a director?

3. Does the ACF have a policy to ensure its directors are drawn from a broad community base—including the rich, the poor and people from diverse cultural backgrounds?

There are 10 ACF directors and over 14,000 petitioners who need answers to these questions.

We ask that the ACF please provide its answers by 5 pm on Friday 27 November 2015. Yours sincerely Shanti Rubens Director | RUBENS LEGAL