Stop Kalai's deportation

** NEWSFLASH ** 10am   1/6/16 Kalai has just been detained and will be deported very shortly. Our hearts go out to this good man, and loyal Lentil volunteer.

How unjust is this system? What can we do? Who can hear us?


Our valued Lentil as Anything cook needs your help.

Kalai (Kalaichchelvan Murugaiah) is facing imminent deportation back to Sri Lanka. He faces a genuine threat to his life. Kalai was a fisherman in Sri Lanka. His uncle was an Tamil Tiger who was killed by a bomb. When he attended his uncles funeral the Sri Lankan police suspected him of being a Tamil Tiger and arrested him. Even though he was released, the police continued to harass him with regular visits to his home. Kalai married and has a daughter who was born in 2008. Tragically, his wife died of leukaemia. A short while later, his dad died of a stroke. The harassment intensified and Kalai had no option but to hop on a boat bound for Australia and leave his daughter and mother behind. He couldn't pay his people smuggler and travelled on credit. The smuggler has threatened to kill him when he returns. Kalai is an honest, hardworking human being who is of the highest integrity. He has been at Lentil as Anything for over 2 years and is an absolute Dynamo in our kitchen. His family, including his daughter are now refugees in Europe and he literally has nothing to go back to. Kalai is utterly distraught and traumatised by the impending removal. His plea to the minister, didn't reach the minister as it was blocked by the department of immigration.

Shanaka Fernando, founder of Lentil as Anything says: "As a Sri Lankan myself, who had an uncle in Kalai's hometown of Chilaw, I'm privy to the lawlessness and corruption that is not factored into the Australian governments determination of Valid cases for protection. Each individual faces unique circumstances that merit closer scrutiny."

We have to do everything possible to stop this terrible act by the government.


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