Thank You Lentils, Sydney

Subject: Koori Job Ready Hospitality work Experience Dear Matt,

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for the wonderful work you have done in organising the Work Experience Program for our Koori Job Ready Hospitality Students at "Lentil as Anything" at your Newtown site. I understand how busy you are and we are very appreciative of the time that you have made available through creating the program, attending meetings with us at our training centre and the mentoring and support that you have offered our students.

Last night Aunty Beryl and I attended the restaurant to support our students while they were in training with you and expecting to see three smiling faces we were greeted with seven smiling faces all having a wonderful time serving customers,taking orders, preparing and serving food and so on. Many of our students have never worked before. This is a wonderful community enterprise which I hope will continue to thrive in the future and an amazing training opportunity for our students.

Again a big thank you Matt!

Aunty Beryl, Wendy and the Training Team at Koori Job Ready