Artist Residency



HEY ARTISTS!!!!!! Lentils is starting up an artists in residency program at our THORNBURY Lentils and we are inviting artists from various backgrounds to make Lentils their studio.

The Lentils Residency Program will have two artists every month coming a couple of times a week to make their artwork. Each artist will have their own set up inside lentils where the public can see them work and talk to them and as part of the residency each artist will also be able to display and their work in our gallery space .

There is no fee to take part in the residency and most of the furniture space and storage, promotion will be provided by lentils .we will be starting this residency in february and are keen to get other artists involved , IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOUR THING YOU CAN APPLY BY CONTACTING OUR ARTS MANAGER FLICK VIA EMAIL WITH EXAMPLES OF YOUR ARTWORK , AN ARTIST RESUME AND AN WHAT KIND OF THING YOU LIKE TO CREATE DURING YOUR RESIDENCY AND WHY YOU LIKE TO BE PART OF THE PROGRAM TO