Planet Lentil

Calls for expressions of interest: Planet Lentil

Lentil as Anything is about to launch a new set of communication playgrounds into the ether. We are inviting words and sounds and images from Lentilians who would like to communicate shared Lentil visions and values to the world.

Planet Lentil will contain blogs, vlogs, podcasts and galleries about food, health, generosity, nurture, love, community, well-being, music, art, travel, gardening, social justice, yoga, the environment, social enterprise and more.

If you have an idea for a regular or occasional blog, or for anything else that may fit into Planet Lentil, let us know about it.

We are also looking for Site Contributors and a Curator for a “People of Lentil” weekly blog. If you are a Lentil regular and would like to be the site contributor for our “People of Lentil” space, or if you would like to curate this (coordinate the material from all the sites), let us know.

If you’re interested in contributing to the coordination or organisation, we have a number of tasks we could use some help with.

If any of the above calls to you, email