Community Chef Night


The Community Chef Night is here!!


An invitation to celebrity chefs, community minded chefs, closet chefs, wannabe celebrity chefs & food lovers alike to give back in a way they are passionate about - COOKING and by sharing their love of cooking with the community.

WHEN Every Monday or Tues evenings (Traditional days off for professional chefs)


1. Professional chefs who want to give a few hours of their time and step into the Lentil kitchens, look into our cool room & cook up a storm and giving our awesome cooks and volunteers the opportunity to work with them and learn some new skills.

2. Community groups who might like to take up the challenge of running our restaurant for an evening - with the support of existing team members

3. Volunteers who love cooking and would love the experience of working in a real live kitchen


-To expand our community to those of our guest chefs & community cooks -To give our cook loving community the opportunity to give back in a way that is meaningful to them -To create a new buzz and offering to get the existing community excited & engaged -To look beyond our existing community to encourage growth -To increase community engagement

WHERE Lentil as Anything Preston

Contact Nadene for further details -