9 Lemon Road visits Lentils

About - 9 Lemon Road functions as a guide to Melbourne so that you can easily find places to eat, drink, shop and things to do that will have a positive influence on your health and on the environment! The most innovative and sustainable businesses will be displayed and described so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

"Welcome to Lentil as Anything; a reminder of other possibilities" 

The quote on the sign in the doorway hits the spot to say the least. Lentil as anything, a social enterprise functioning as a vegetarian restaurant and community hub is truly a remarkable place.

There are no set prices on the menu, instead there is a donation box on a side-table where you can give money based on your financial ability and on how you valued the experience. Lentil creates a movement that values the person over their money and hopes that those who can afford it will help to cover the costs of those who can't. In the hallway you will find beautiful (goosebumps!) stories of thankful people who were helped by a meal or the social support when they needed it the most.

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