Adelaide as Anything


Adelaide as Anything - What can you bring to the table?

Iconic Vegetarian Restaurant, Lentil as Anything is sending out feelers to the wonderful people of Adelaide.

We want to hear your voice on our plans to open a Lentils in Amazing Adelaide - Are you as excited as us!?!!

We are seeking expressions of interest in forming a core crew of Lentilians there, namely Head Chef and Volunteer Coordinator.

Are you an exceptional chef? Are you a people person? Do you love making an awesome difference in the community? Do you place people before profits? Are you committed to sharing your passion and expertise with others so that they may find their wings and FLY?

Lentil as Anything is looking for dynamic shape shifters to lead a beautiful and eclectic team. This is a great opportunity to join a team of socially responsible change makers who share a passion for providing great food and offering a refreshing and inspiring take on laid back a la carte dining in a busy, colourful and fun environment.

Please send an email to or visit our online form here

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