Chef Needed - Newtown


Are you an exceptional chef? Are you a people person?

Do you love making an awesome difference in the community just as much, if not more than you love making vegan, healthy, delicious and seasonal food?

Are you committed to sharing your passion and expertise with others so that they may find their wings and FLY?

Iconic Vegetarian Restaurant Lentil as Anything is looking for a dynamic shape shifter who happens to also be a darn good chef to lead our beautiful and eclectic team at either our busy King Street, Newtown location or our brand new restaurant opening in early 2015.

This is a great opportunity to join a team of socially responsible change makers who share a passion for providing great vegan food and offering a refreshing and inspiring take on laid back a la carte dining in a busy, colourful and fun environment.

You should have at least two years experience in a commercial kitchen (or equivalent) and are looking to take charge of a dynamic kitchen that serves up to 500 meals a day.

You need to be passionate and driven, unstoppable and committed and up for creating miracles.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing an inspiring, creative, healthy and delicious menu that works with the seasons.
  • The associated food preparation, Stock Control and ordering of such a fabulous menu.
  • Creatively working with a diverse ever changing selection of donated produce
  • Working within a tight budget while creating food of exceptional quality
  • Creating an inspiring and dynamic kitchen space and mentoring other members of the Lentil community to be greater than they imagine.
  • Maintenance of the kitchen area including monitoring and promoting kitchen hygiene and safety practices ongoingly and unwaveringly.
  • Managing the kitchen team that will be made up of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds.

Skills required

  • A minimum Certificate III or IV in commercial cookery is desired but an absolute passion for food and cooking on a large scale will go a long way. Food Handling Certificate is a must.
  • A desire to prepare healthy and delicious vegan cuisine that brings tears of joy to our customer’s eyes.
  • An ability to plan, manage and work independently and creatively as well as communally.
  • A passion for social justice and community empowerment.


The restaurant runs 7 days a week, but it is expected that you will work 5 shifts and mentor and inspire others to run the remaining shifts. You will create such an incredible team that in your absence they can step up and comfortably and confidently fill your clogs such that you will not be missed!

If this speaks to you we want to meet you and talk turkey (albeit soy turkey!)

To apply please email your resume to

The position is expected to commence in January 2015.