Footscray Lentils needs your help

10155933_10156188119000274_7045702540847356698_n Footscray Lentils has been a huge impact in the culture and community in and around the western suburbs now for almost eights years. With its dedicated team of volunteers that are each day creating a safe space for people to eat delicious vegan and vegetarian food.

Each putting extraordinary time and effort creating a unique centre for the people of Footscray and creating opportunities for its people. It's a pity that Footscray Lentils hasn't received the love it deserves and needs to survive.

With contributions in the restaurant not being as high as liked. But not all is lost, we can save this wonderful place and continue to bring food to the people even in this disturbingly depressing times.

Footscray will be holding a fundraiser complete with vegan snacks and live music to inspire the people to keep lentils in Footscray on the 26th of March.

We also have set up a Gofundme page for those unlucky people who cant be here in person to enjoy Footscray Lentils but cannot make it on the day.

Footscray Lentil as Anything has been a creative part of our community and we will all be saddened and greatly affected by the its loss. If you have anything to give or just want some great vegan/vegetarian food and have never tried out this place out head on to 233 Barkly St,  Footscray.

Show them you care and we'll show you how good Footscray Lentils can be.