Johnny Macks

Lentil as Anything, Preston closed its doors recently .. but hold on, whats a-cooking in there now? Johnny Mack’s is a satirical critique of that ethos which puts profits ahead of people.

They believe in equality and vegan burgers for everybody!

"Having spent almost three years maintaining and facilitating the Lentil As Anything at High St Preston, it was worrying for me to hear that they might be closing their doors forever. Social inclusion and cohesion is such an important part of what we do as volunteers at Lentil, and so we find ourselves volunteering to run these premises as if it was a Lentil but under the guise of a new organisation; independently funded by myself and you. I love this space too much to just let it go without a fight, so we have let the site ourselves and endeavour to continue the Lentil philosophy and move forward, with vegan burger and pancakes all day, 6 days of the week. Come be a part of the magical mitosis of our beloved Lentil. I look forward to seeing you all here soon." says Timmy - the man with the plan.

For more details on the tasty menu, opening hours and latest news - visit the facebook page here