Lentil Footscray to close

Lentil As Anything Footscray to close after 8 years of serving the West

After opening in 2009 and enjoying 8 years of bringing people together in Footscray, the Lentil As Anything outpost will close in June 2017.

Footscray has been one of Lentil As Anything’s most important venues in terms of social outreach and provision for underrepresented people, and a chance for the organisation to provide for the West. Unfortunately, two very large problems have always been faced at the restaurant: inclusion and sustainability.

Lentil As Anything a place all people can come together, not a soup kitchen: our non-traditional model thrives on trust and generosity. We open our sites with generosity and trust that the communities we tap and build will be generous with us. It’s important to the endurance of each site that we give delicious vegan and vegetarian food in a vibrant and exciting environment, and that our communities give as generously as they can for their food and experience, to maintain the giving economy that develops around it. Without generosity, the trust that the restaurant can be sustainable is lost.

Many exciting developments have occurred for Lentil As Anything in recent years, as a result of the trust and generosity that we give and receive: the opening of our first interstate venue in Newtown, New South Wales; the moving of our Preston restaurant to bigger and brighter premises at Thornbury; our Abbotsford Convent restaurant celebrating ten years as an integral part of the Abbotsford Convent arts precinct. We have always tried to find ways to tweak the recipe for both maximum inclusion of all people and sustainability of Lentil As Anything.