Meditation Every Friday 10am-11am (Newtown)

Meditation by Donation, Every Friday 10am-11am Where: Lentil as Anything Newtown, 391 King St.

Hello friends! I’d love for you to join me Friday mornings for a how-to class in Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Improvement.

There will be a short discussion for those new to meditation on some helpful tips and techniques, and approaches that will make things easier for you. This is invaluable information which, if followed, will help you navigate any obstacles you may encounter in your practice. We begin with a Guided Mindfulness Meditation based on observation of the senses, namely, sound, thought-as-sound, the body and breath.

After which there will be a discussion on life-transforming topics we can contemplate to improve our self-awareness. With the force of concentration and mindfulness we cultivate through practice, we can gain an understanding of the cause and effect relationship between our thoughts and feelings. This understanding can and will change your life dramatically, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence that you are responsible for your own well-being. This is good news. With practice, these discussions, contemplations and meditations help us to abandon our reactive patterns and ultimately choose how we want to respond to life's events.

We’ll spend some time each week exploring and cultivating positive qualities of heart and mind in a second, shorter meditation at the end class. We’ll examine themes such as patience, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation and love.

With an attitude of interest and wanting to see clearly, we’re bound to discover things we can’t yet imagine. In strengthening our determination to think and act in ways which are only beneficial to ourselves and others, coupled with the wisdom gained through meditation, we’ll be well on our way to true inner peace.

*Although class finishes at 11am, I often give more teachings followed by a very casual, open group discussion and time for questions and answers until 12pm when the kitchen opens, then we often have lunch together afterward. Don't hesitate to join us!

About Dar:

His life is dedicated to his Spiritual practice. With a passion for awareness of spiritual energy, he’s used the chakra system to explore his mental landscape and to improve himself. In recent years he’s given readings to hundreds of people helping them explore their fears and insecurities, all by donation, only ever hoping to give insight and the skills they need to improve themselves. He’s been heavily inspired by Ekhart Tolle, he has a true passion for ‘being here Now’. More recently inspired by his Buddhist studies, his life is dedicated to improving his own mind for one ultimate goal, to benefit others.