The Story of Harpin' Momma

“On 16 November 1984, the Federal Police made contact with me at my place of work, Meredith Trade Lino Pty Ltd, to ask if my mother’s name was Lucy Bozic.  

I said that I believed it was my mother’s name, but that I hadn’t seen her for many years, in fact I thought she was dead. They said that Lucy Bozic had sought their help to find me because she had only weeks to live.

This is her story and mine.”

So begins Adele Meredith’s autobiography chronicling her years at Abbotsford Convent’s orphanage in Melbourne, finding her mother at age 34, and her journey into the world of blues music. Given only months to live, Adele has made it her wish to come back to Abbotsford Convent and play a farewell performance at Lentil As Anything.

Lucy Bozic was born in Yugoslavia in 1923. After witnessing the murder of her entire family by the Gestapo, Lucy was forced to work for the Nazis; checking the mouths of prisoners entering the concentration camps for gold. As an SS cadet she was tattooed under her left armpit with a swastika and the initials LB.

At the age of 17 Lucy was chosen to be part of the Lebensborn project. A secret and terrifying scheme whereby young women were raped or coerced into sleeping with German men in an attempt to create ‘pure’ German babies for the 4th Reich – Hilter’s hypothetical future.

Adele was born in 1946.

In 1950 Lucy and Adele boarded a ship heading for a new life in Australia. Lucy could never forget the way Adele was conceived, however, and immediately placed her at the St. Theresa Orphanage in Melbourne. She was four years old and would not see her mother again for 30 years.   

At the age of eight Adele was placed at Sacred Heart Class at the Abbotsford Convent. Life was hard at the convent. Adele was bullied, and the nuns were strict, she was forced to do manual labour to earn her keep. When Adele finally left the convent, she had learnt to be both humble and fierce. She had learnt to survive and what freedom really is.       

Throughout Adele’s life kindness often came in the form of music. From a piano accordion from her favourite nun, Mother Theresa, to the mouth organ from a foster parent Mr Ellul to learning the blues at the YWCA after she left the convent.

 And so Harpin’ Momma was born.

Adele has found fury, passion and solace in the blues. Her music portrays her strength, and her strength is what moves her music.

On the 10th of November Adele will return to the Abbotsford Convent. 

Don’t miss this incredible night.

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Lentil in Italy

Over two nights in September, the committee for 'Lentil in Turin' (who are working for the opening of the first Italian Lentil As Anything) hosted a vegetarian dinner showcasing the style, flavour and philosophy of Lentil at Terra Madre, the international network of food communities 2018 Convention.


Temporarily hosted in a Community Centre, the dinners were made thanks to the collaboration and voluntary work of a great number of volunteers.

Supported by well known chef, Christian Milone, whose restaurant holds the prestigious Michelin star and by four very talented cooks, Luca Alzona, Jacopo Gallizio, Maria Elena Gorini and Ennio Malorzo the team planned and cooked a vegetarian menu based on principles of direct connection with organic farmers from the villages surrounding Turin, under the direction of professional maître, Gaia Baracco.


The tables were set under the supervision of two internationally known visual artists, Tea Giobbio and Ito Fukushi, and on a small stage played professional musicians, Genot-Benedetti and Renda-Trucco.

All donations of time, food and expertise were completed by the great participation of volunteers helping in the kitchen and in the dining room.

With thanks to ASAI and UPM Associations for immigrants and refugees' support and integration, the Lentil As Anything community was enriched by the presence of women and men coming from many African and Asian Countries.


 Here's to a Lentil As Anything restaurant becoming a reality in Italy!

Breakfast At Thornbury


Our Breakfast at Abbotsford has always been a hit, but now we're offering Breakfast every weekend at Lentil As Anything Thornbury too!

Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 12pm

Tibetan Momos: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 3pm

  • Rolled Oats with seasonal stewed fruits and chia seeds, topped with sunflower cream.
  • Slow cooked Mushrooms and Baked Beans on Toast, covered in fresh herbs and served with a side of toast.
  • Chia Seed Pancakes served with caramel syrup and fruit.
  • Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Herbal Tea, Chai Lattes and more.

All vegan, all delicious - Bring the family and try a Lentil As Anything Breakfast!


Vote for Solar Energy at The Inconvenience Store

Vote here for Solar panels for Melbourne's first pay-as-you-feel Rescued Food Market

Help us win a grant for a Sustainable Energy Source for the volunteer-run, community based 'Inconvenience Store.'

Lentil As Anything's food rescue program, 'Food Without Borders' which operates Melbourne's premier pay-as-you-feel grocery store has the opportunity to win a grant for a roof of solar panels with your vote.

Pick My Project is a Victorian first community grants initiative with $1 million in funding to help a worthy enterprise realise their dreams.

At The Inconvenience Store we often struggle to fund operational costs and need to find new ways of running our cooling/storage facilities.

Solar-panels would significantly reduce our electricity costs and enable us to continue serving wholesome and ethical food, while furthering Lentil As Anything's community and environmentally-friendly mission.

You need to be age 16 years or over to vote and you must live within a 5km radius of the Thornbury restaurant, but otherwise it's open to everyone and doesn't cost you a thing!

Help us realise our solar-powered dreams and vote here!

Instructions: Follow the link to vote, you must be 5km from the Thornbury restaurant and over 16. Sign up and put in your postcode then pick three projects to shortlist and then it will ask you to vote. Click vote and it will ask you to verify your mobile with a code. After that you have voted!

Conscious Coffee

Conscious Coffee: Using coffee to make a change

Do you want to help Lentil use coffee to make the world a better place?

Lentil As Anything offers many training programs to young people hoping to find employment.

Through barista training and education Lentil As Anything helps volunteers find the skills they need to go on to paid employment.

Recently we have been shortlisted for an Australian Ethical grant for our Conscious Coffee training, to provide our volunteers with barista training and education about using coffee as a medium to create social impact.

So, turn your feelings into actions and be part of the change by clicking here to vote.

Together we can brew life changing opportunities!

Grand Opening!

Grand Opening of The Inconvenience Store

As you may have heard, we're opening a pay-as-you-feel grocery store in Melbourne - the first of it's kind in Victoria!

The store will officially open it's doors to the public on Sunday 8th of July.

With fresh vegetables, gourmet bread, pickles, preserves, jams, cans and condiments - all rescued, gathered, sorted, refrigerated and stored by volunteers, you can make your shopping trip an ethical one!

For people passionate about the environment and reducing food waste, shopping at The Inconvenience Store will be an act of social activism. Every food item taken home is one less methane producing addition to landfill, and every dollar contributed will directly fund a community-based, volunteer-run food rescue charity. We are inviting the community to shop consciously and be part of the solution. Fund communities, not corporations!– Astrid Ryan, Project Coordinator

  • Sunday 8th of July
  • Where: Inside Lentil As Anything Thornbury
  • 562-564 High St, Thornbury, VIC, 3071
  • Open: 11am - 3pm

Contributions to the store will help cover the cost of electricity for refrigeration, transport, and storage.  See you there!

End of Financial Year Appeal

For the last 18 years Lentil As Anything has fed the community, no questions asked.

Over 40 million meals have been consumed over this time period - many by those who couldn't afford to pay with money, but who paid by volunteering their time.

Although we are a restaurant, at heart we are also healers. Many volunteers have passed through these doors mentally and physically better off than when they entered.

Our restaurant managers tell us daily the stories of heartache they hear. They take time out of their busy schedules to listen, encourage and mentor their staff.

Whilst the notion of charity has been hijacked to patronise and further entrench social divides, our trumpet has gathered cobwebs because we have rolled up our sleeves, put our heads down and got to work.

If you are really aiming to support the repair of our society, empower us to transform your generosity into a tangible outcome, locally, nationally and internationally.

Please help us to continue to build bridges in our community and donate before the end of June.

Everyone deserves a place at the table.

The Inconvenience Store

The Inconvenience Store: A Pay-As-You-Feel Grocery Store

Welcome to Victoria’s FIRST EVER pay-as-you-feel Grocery Store!

  • Friday 11am - 3pm
  • Saturday 11am - 3pm
  • Sunday 11am - 3pm
  • Monday 11am - 3pm

Location: 562-564 High St, Thornbury, Melbourne

Wind your way through the Lentil As Anything Thornbury restaurant until you find the colourful painted doors of The Inconvenience Store.

This is not your average grocery store!

All the food and products stocked on it’s shelves have been rescued, donated, sorted and stocked by our volunteer food rescue team Food Without Borders.

The Inconvenience Store has no set prices.

Patrons are encouraged to contribute to keep the store running if they can afford to do so.
Alternatively, like in all Lentil As Anything restaurants, patrons are invited to volunteer with us if they wish to contribute to our project in another way.
All contributions will go towards sustaining our food rescue operation, paying for transport costs, storage, electricity bills to keep the produce refrigerated, etc.

By shopping at the Inconvenience Store, you will be making a revolutionary contribution to society: actively preventing food waste, thereby helping heal the environment, and supporting a non profit community based food charity.

Thank you!

If you wish to volunteer or make a donation please contact

Handmade: Stories of Strength Shared through Recipes

HANDMADE is a book of recipes collected from 34 widows of the war in Sri Lanka.

The women featured are from the North East of the island and throughout the book their incredible stories of courage are shared through their relationship with food.

Stunning photography is combined with the recipes that gave these women hope to provide a better life for their children.

Commissioned by Australian based charity Palmera, 100% of all profits from the sales of HANDMADE will be reinvested in rural women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

You can purchase a copy in store at our Abbotsford, Thornbury (Melbourne) and Newtown (Sydney) locations or through our online store.

Uber Eats

Lentil As Anything is on Uber Eats

Now you don't even have to get to the restaurant to get your Lentil Fix!

We've joined UberEATS and now you can eat delicious VEGAN food without leaving your house (but maybe you should occasionally leave your house sometimes for sunshine - you know?)

Go to UberEATS to find one of our stores.

Enter LentAs10S for $10 off your first order!