The Story of Harpin' Momma

“On 16 November 1984, the Federal Police made contact with me at my place of work, Meredith Trade Lino Pty Ltd, to ask if my mother’s name was Lucy Bozic.  

I said that I believed it was my mother’s name, but that I hadn’t seen her for many years, in fact I thought she was dead. They said that Lucy Bozic had sought their help to find me because she had only weeks to live.

This is her story and mine.”

Lentil in Italy

Lentil in Italy

Over two nights in September, the committee for 'Lentil in Turin' (who are working for the opening of the first Italian Lentil As Anything) hosted a vegetarian dinner showcasing the style, flavour and philosophy of Lentil at Terra Madre, the international network of food communities 2018 Convention.

The true spirit of Australia - Bruce

Beneath the din of hubris, of Australian of the year awards and queens birthday honours beats a heart that is Australia at its purest. It is a humble, unassuming heart that has weathered the sleaze and lure of this “civilisation” and sat stubbornly on its throne made from soil and decomposing fruits, eyes dancing mischievously.

This is Bruce Standish. He passed away yesterday. His job done.