Breakfast At Thornbury


Our Breakfast at Abbotsford has always been a hit, but now we're offering Breakfast every weekend at Lentil As Anything Thornbury too!

Breakfast: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 12pm

Tibetan Momos: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 3pm

  • Rolled Oats with seasonal stewed fruits and chia seeds, topped with sunflower cream.
  • Slow cooked Mushrooms and Baked Beans on Toast, covered in fresh herbs and served with a side of toast.
  • Chia Seed Pancakes served with caramel syrup and fruit.
  • Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Herbal Tea, Chai Lattes and more.

All vegan, all delicious - Bring the family and try a Lentil As Anything Breakfast!


Vote for Solar Energy at The Inconvenience Store

Vote here for Solar panels for Melbourne's first pay-as-you-feel Rescued Food Market

Help us win a grant for a Sustainable Energy Source for the volunteer-run, community based 'Inconvenience Store.'

Lentil As Anything's food rescue program, 'Food Without Borders' which operates Melbourne's premier pay-as-you-feel grocery store has the opportunity to win a grant for a roof of solar panels with your vote.

Pick My Project is a Victorian first community grants initiative with $1 million in funding to help a worthy enterprise realise their dreams.

At The Inconvenience Store we often struggle to fund operational costs and need to find new ways of running our cooling/storage facilities.

Solar-panels would significantly reduce our electricity costs and enable us to continue serving wholesome and ethical food, while furthering Lentil As Anything's community and environmentally-friendly mission.

You need to be age 16 years or over to vote and you must live within a 5km radius of the Thornbury restaurant, but otherwise it's open to everyone and doesn't cost you a thing!

Help us realise our solar-powered dreams and vote here!

Instructions: Follow the link to vote, you must be 5km from the Thornbury restaurant and over 16. Sign up and put in your postcode then pick three projects to shortlist and then it will ask you to vote. Click vote and it will ask you to verify your mobile with a code. After that you have voted!

Conscious Coffee

Conscious Coffee: Using coffee to make a change

Do you want to help Lentil use coffee to make the world a better place?

Lentil As Anything offers many training programs to young people hoping to find employment.

Through barista training and education Lentil As Anything helps volunteers find the skills they need to go on to paid employment.

Recently we have been shortlisted for an Australian Ethical grant for our Conscious Coffee training, to provide our volunteers with barista training and education about using coffee as a medium to create social impact.

So, turn your feelings into actions and be part of the change by clicking here to vote.

Together we can brew life changing opportunities!

The Inconvenience Store

The Inconvenience Store: A Pay-As-You-Feel Grocery Store

Welcome to Victoria’s FIRST EVER pay-as-you-feel Grocery Store!

  • Friday 11am - 3pm
  • Saturday 11am - 3pm
  • Sunday 11am - 3pm
  • Monday 11am - 3pm

Location: 562-564 High St, Thornbury, Melbourne

Wind your way through the Lentil As Anything Thornbury restaurant until you find the colourful painted doors of The Inconvenience Store.

This is not your average grocery store!

All the food and products stocked on it’s shelves have been rescued, donated, sorted and stocked by our volunteer food rescue team Food Without Borders.

The Inconvenience Store has no set prices.

Patrons are encouraged to contribute to keep the store running if they can afford to do so.
Alternatively, like in all Lentil As Anything restaurants, patrons are invited to volunteer with us if they wish to contribute to our project in another way.
All contributions will go towards sustaining our food rescue operation, paying for transport costs, storage, electricity bills to keep the produce refrigerated, etc.

By shopping at the Inconvenience Store, you will be making a revolutionary contribution to society: actively preventing food waste, thereby helping heal the environment, and supporting a non profit community based food charity.

Thank you!

If you wish to volunteer or make a donation please contact

Uber Eats

Lentil As Anything is on Uber Eats

Now you don't even have to get to the restaurant to get your Lentil Fix!

We've joined UberEATS and now you can eat delicious VEGAN food without leaving your house (but maybe you should occasionally leave your house sometimes for sunshine - you know?)

Go to UberEATS to find one of our stores.

Enter LentAs10S for $10 off your first order!


Kimchi Mania 2.0

Can't get enough Kimchi? Then learn how to make it yourself

On Wednesday November 8th, at a Lentil as Anything pop-up in Preston, you can learn how to make delicious kimchi. And if that's not enough Lentil As Anything is bringing you more kimchi than you can handle, by making a meal of it!

This is back by popular demand, because the first workshop sold out. So if you're interested in doing this, I'd suggest booking in early, to avoid disappointment.

The evening will start with a kimchi making workshop, where you will learn how to make your own delicious kimchi, which is a tasty fermented Korean side dish. It is a hands-on workshop, so you will be involved in the making of it. This will be followed by a 5 course kimchi themed dinner for all participants, which will give you an interesting taster of kimchi. This dish is becoming increasingly popular, and while I'm told there are health benefits, it really is delicious, which is good enough reason for me.

The menu for this Kimchi themed evening is: • Kimchi soup • Kimchi pancake • Kimchi & shiitake mandu (dumplings) • Trio of Kimchi's & Rice Assorted Korean vegetable side dishes • Sesame Ice-cream


What will you get from this workshop?

Read the full article on Weekend Notes for all the details

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Abbotsford Lentil are going Vegan..

Lentil as Anything, Abbotsford are going Vegan on the first Saturday of each month in support of the Vegan Market at the convent. Our chefs and staff are very excited to expand our current vegan options to a full vegan menu. Initially on the first Saturday of each month, and a potential move to full-time vegan menu, we will listen to what our customers say.

Have your say in our poll below, and feel free to comment at the bottom of page.

See you on Saturday for some vegan deliciousness!!


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Banana Pancakes: Not a Guilty Pleasure But a Healthy Treasure

banana pancakes Did you know we at Lentil as Anything Abbotsford make Vegan Banana Pancakes? These delicious fluffy discs dripping with Cashew Cream and house made syrup have been a favourite since being added to the menu, but did you realise how healthy we make them for you?

We have been trying to keep all the food at Lentil as Anything Abbotsford not only tasty but nutritious for both the body, mind and soul. To that extent we have been using Super Foods in our dishes since the beginning. Now we are going to give you a look into four of the many ingredients we use in the Pancakes.

Turmeric – Goddess, Super Food Spice

tumeric and a tumeric latte

Used in Ancient India, Turmeric was already known by the elders to be highly beneficial for health. It’s only recently that Western medicine has proved scientifically the wonders of Turmeric, part of the Curcuma family.

The list of benefits is numerous. Traditionally, it was used for preventive and curative healing for conditions like allergies, asthma and skin diseases like eczema. It was used externally as homemade beauty product to rejuvenate the skin or as a natural antiseptic in wounds.

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant that helps tissues and cells remain healthy and young.

Recent researches showed that Turmeric can help in the fight against Alzheimer, prevents cancers with its anti-tumour effects, reduce heart diseases, enhances digestion, and cures common colds.

What else to ask for a perfect Health?

Cinnamon– Sweetest Spice

a bunch of cinnamon sticks

This aromatic spice is not only tasty, but also has many health benefits.

Cinnamon is the perfect natural breath refresher, and is used in pain management.  This wonder spice will also help get rid of toxins in the body and stimulate digestion. Not only that, cinnamon can have a positive effect on diabetes, cholesterol, and some respiratory conditions. It’s a blood purifier, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and Anti-viral. For all you women, Cinnamon is the super food of choice to stimulate the reproductive system, even helping greatly in PCOS.

What else to ask for a perfect Health, right?

Banana - King of Fruits

bunch of bananas

No wonder bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world. Full of nutrients: potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, fibre, and protein. It’s also Super Yummy!

Bananas preserve your memory and lift your mood. They have an effect on high blood pressure, and may improve the health of your kidneys.

It is the perfect nutrient to eat while exercising, the perfect energy booster.

All those benefits - “It’s Bananas!”

Cashew – The Stress-free Nut

bowl of cashews

Shaped like a little kidney, cashews are full of minerals like copper, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Cashews help reduce gallstone formation and its particular concentration of copper makes it ideal for bone strength, hair and skin melanin, and intake of iron in cases of anaemia. It also fights colon cancers.

If you have some anxiety issues or a mild depression, cashews can become a really good ally. Our homemade raw cashew cream will preserve all the nutrients found in this stress free Supa Dupa food.

An incredible nut, for amazing health benefits!

These Super Foods make the pancakes at Lentil as Anything Abbottsford not a guilty pleasure but a healthy treasure. And the best part is we use those same Super Food ingredients in many other dishes served in the restaurant.

We are doing our best to offer healthy and nutritious food every day for you to enjoy again and again.

Japan comes to Thornbury Lentil as Anything



Lentil as Anything is celebrating Japans famous Cherry Blossom Festival in style this year.


Starting from 6pm until close, Thornbury Lentils is fighting against this chilly weather and bringing some colour to Melbourne.

Come on down this Saturday 8th of April and enjoy some traditional vegan food and have a taste of Japan this Autumn.

More details on the facebook event here