Sensitive Souls

a person meditating with their hands on their knees Have you ever been told the following?

You are too Sensitive!

You’re SO deep!

You FEEL too much!

Perhaps you’ve always FELT more than others, SEEN more than others, SENSED more than others?

Perhaps all of these sensations, thoughts, emotions, energy, coming from all directions, have been felt so deeply, that they’ve become OVERWHELMING! This has lead to confusion, a foggy, cluttered mind, where you can hardly talk, think or see straight...

Perhaps you’ve been in crowds, places with loud music, listened to the radio, or watched TV, and you’ve literally felt yourself ABSORBING the vibes from these people, places, sounds and technological mediums. Afterwards, you’ve felt low, depressed and lethargic…

Perhaps you’ve been conversing with someone, where you’ve done most of the listening, and they’ve done most of the talking. They’ve spoken quickly and non-stop, and when it’s your turn to talk, they act disinterested or change the topic back to themselves. You leave feeling tired, drained and empty...

After one or more of the above has occurred, you may need to remove yourself from the world. You need to be left alone, to hide, sometimes for lengthy periods of time. You need to nurture yourself, to re-gain your bearings, re-balance, and rejuvenate.

Let’s go a little further…

Perhaps you’ve felt DIFFERENT, that somehow you don’t fit in, or belong. You see through the ‘BS’ that’s currently happening in our world and in the actions of Western-world social structures, systems and institutions.

You are bored with the mainstream, the media, the superficial conversations and conventional lifestyles. You know there is MORE, something BIGGER to life than this.

Perhaps you’ve felt DIFFERENT, and have wondered how others can be so insensitive, so cruel. Whether it be to other human beings, to our planet, to her animals and her natural elements.

You yearn for a better world. You KNOW it can be different and want to DO something about it. Perhaps you feel drawn to a career in the health, healing and helping professions for this reason.

If much of the above resonates deeply with you, then it’s likely that you are a Sensitive Soul. And although, as some of this content suggests, it can be highly difficult being this way inclined...

I’d like to offer an alternative viewpoint on what it means to be a Sensitive Soul.

Having done a fair amount of anecdotal research in the area of the Sensitivity, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

We as Sensitive Souls, are the way we are for a reason. We FEEL, SENSE and SEE a lot, and deeply, for a reason. We are open energetically, with soft boundaries, for a reason. We absorb environmental energies, for a reason.

And this reason?

We NEED the above abilities.  To TUNE IN to Mother Earth, her Animals, her Elements, and her People. To really FEEL them, SEE them, HEAR them, and BE with them, so we can SUPPORT them, HELP them and HEAL them.

We NEED these natural abilities, to TUNE IN to ideas, our passions, our creative minds, our inspiration. To truly bring the LIGHT, the LOVE, the DIVINITY, the HEALING and the BEAUTY, into this world. The days are over, of Sensitivity being put-down, shut-down and viewed as ‘weak'.

It is time to RISE dear Sensitive Ones. For we are the helpers, the healers, the lovers, the artists, the musicians, the creators, the innovators, the revolutionaries…

And we are desperately NEEDED on this planet at this point in time.

If we can begin to understand, accept, love and care for ourselves, build our inner-strength, protect our energy field, and finally, ‘Embrace our Sensitive Super-Powers’, then this is when we, as Sensitive Souls, can begin living our purpose on this Earth, the purpose we were Created for.


Paula Firtl is an Empowerment Mentor for Sensitive Souls. She is also a Highly Sensitive Person, an Empath, and an Energy Intuitive. Her background is in Psychology and Energy-healing; with Reiki and EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) and TBT (Trauma Buster Technique) being her primary modalities.  Her passion is connecting with, and supporting fellow Sensitive Souls on their Empowerment Journey.  She offers a 6-week online mentoring program that offers sacred knowledge and powerful tools to support Sensitiive Souls in building self-love, inner-strength and to embrace their Sensitive Super-Powers!

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