Lentil’s Food Rescue Grocery Store

All the food and products stocked on The Inconvenience Store shelves has been rescued, donated, sorted and stocked by our volunteer food rescue team Food Without Borders.

The Inconvenience Store has no set prices, although bags are limited to 6 kilos, as there is limited donated food and we want there to be enough for everybody.

Patrons are encouraged to contribute to keep the store running, if they can afford to do so.

Alternatively, like in all Lentil As Anything restaurants, patrons are invited to volunteer if they wish to contribute to the project in another way.


the inconvenience store

562-564 High St, Thornbury, Melbourne, VIC, 3071


0406 587 775

Photographs by @alessio_artx

Photographs by @alessio_artx

Store Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12am – 6pm

All contributions go towards sustaining the food rescue operation, paying for transport costs, storage, and electricity.

By shopping at the Inconvenience Store, you will be making a revolutionary contribution to society: actively preventing food waste, thereby helping heal the environment, and supporting a unique social enterprise.

Food Without Borders

More than 900,000 tonnes of edible food is wasted every year in Melbourne alone, according to a report in 2016 by Melbourne’s Foodprint Project. That’s enough to feed more than 2 million people a year! Food waste rotting in landfill is also responsible for a high percentage of greenhouse gas emissions and growing the food that becomes waste, uses 180 gigalitres of water each year.

food rescue program

Food Without Borders rescues quality food that may be destined for the dump because of dented packaging, slight bruising, or simply because it cannot be sold as completely fresh the next day.

Our aim is to connect with local businesses in our community, save the food they can no longer sell, and pass it on to people who need it in our community. We ask for donations from farmer’s markets, supermarkets, and bakeries and use the edible food in the kitchens of our Lentil As Anything restaurants, to provide pay-as-you-feel meals to the community.

Get Involved

Join Our Team of volunteers: The more people who get involved, the more food we can rescue, and the more people get fed. Either come along to a volunteer session or contact us via email or phone.

Weekly volunteer info sessions are located at The Inconvenience Store

  • Mondays 5pm

  • Saturdays 4pm

Our Suppliers

Donations from our suppliers help to keep The Inconvenience Store operating and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

Donate to Food Without Borders

If you would like to help us with our mission to halt food waste in Australia, please get in touch. Make sure to check our requirements.

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